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H.O.M.E. is a Mission...
We Regenerate Communities and Ecosystems Worldwide

Rooted in Purpose: 

We exist to design, develop and connect a planetary network of self-sufficient circular economic communities, to empower hundreds of millions of people, to lead regenerative meaningful lives of authentic freedom, economic security, wellbeing and abundance.

HOME aligns evolved economics, social architectural & ecological frameworks, with scalable green development solutions and integrated living systems, and a comprehensive green supply chain and services marketplace to inspire regenerative land stewardship
and offer a thriving lifestyle for all members.

H.O.M.E. Communities, a projct of H.O.M.E. ENTERPRISES PBC, will be developed by HOME-Certified regenerative development teams and a co-venture federation of clean technology partners. This emergent ecosystem of communities will be connected by a Web3 social platform serving as a marketplace, communication and educational hub.

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Resources Marketplace

Open Marketplace for Plug-&-Play Technologies and Solutions designed for individuals, developers, landowners & communities to step into "Ecosystemic Thrivability."

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Community Templates

Legal, governance, economic & franchise development templates, along with integrated social architectural systems, to set up your regenerative community.


Joint Venture

Partner with our expert team to handle any element of your design, development, GC, admin, legal and marketing requirements as you set up your H.O.M.E. Community.

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Our 8 Pillars


  • Carbon Neutral & Net-Positive Communities

  • Regional Regenerative Economies interconnected via Web3 Social Platform 

  • Walkable & Bike Friendly Communities 

  • "Wise Communities" Design Honor, Integrate & Empower Indigenous Culture & Wisdom

  • Evolved Social Architecture 
    (Redesigned Education, Healthcare, Governance & Resident Economics

  • Local Regional Impact & "Thrivability" through Community Self-Sufficiency

  • Regenerative Living Education Centers

  • Shared Economy & Co-Stewardship Community Resources

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We are living in dynamically transformational times. The world is changing quickly; we face a moment of unprecedented economic, health, geopolitical, financial & environmental challenge. Billions are suffering and living in poverty while the wealth gap drastically increases. AI and robotics are moving to replace human labor forces. The idea of leading an empowered life of personal sovereignty, prosperity and sustainability feels like a distant dream to all too many.


We require templates, vetted resource & tech recommendations and private membership associations, with integrated social networks built on the blockchain, to guide the development of resilient communities. Communities that integrate high-yield organic food, water remediation, renewable energy and circular waste-to-resource management city to town sustainability.



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H.O.M.E. is a regenerative community model, designed with integrated life systems, for families to thrive in an amenity-rich ecosystem. 

The H.O.M.E. web portal will offer a constantly updating selection of the very best solutions to achieve clean food, energy, water, education, economic, transportation and waste-to-resource management self-sufficiency. We offer plug-&-play economic and business models, legal & trust documents, connections to leading technologies and blueprints and add. resources to offer a comprehensive solution to assist anyone in achieving personal freedom.

H.O.M.E will enable the replication and global scaling of regenerative & resilient communities to empower "Ecosystemic Thrivability" for millions as we collectively rise to meet the health, economic, geopolitical and environmental challenges in these dynamically changing times. H.O.M.E. will become a Sovereign Nation State & offer embassy opportunities to each of its communities.



H.O.M.E. serves as a full service development firm to support existing and emergent regenerative communities around the world:

• Design & Architecture
• Engineering & GC/CM

• Brokerage & Mortgage

• Clean Tech Integrations

• Cultural & Economic Models

• Legal Templates

• H.O.M.E. Communities PMA, Legacy Membership & Citizenship Opportunities

•  Global ”Home Share”  Network

•  Private Transportation  Offerings 

•  Private Social Network on Blockchain

•  HOME Token & FinTech Services


•  Streaming Media Edutainment Series & Library 

•  Mentorship Programs

H.O.M.E. Private Membership Association Benefits

  • Opportunity to Participate in Organic CSA programs 

  • Ability to Purchase or Lease Homes & participate in H.O.M.E. Network 

  • Opportunity to Create Businesses within the H.O.M.E. Network

  • Access Premium Regenerative
    iving Edutainment Library 

  • Access Accommodations & Opportunities in Eco-Communities Worldwide

  • Affordable Next-Gen Wellness & Healthcare Solutions

  • Access to H.O.M.E. Resource Marketplace & Web3 Social Platform

  • Access to H.O.M.E. Social Club Events

Signature Environments designed to offer profound transformational


  • Rotating Interactive Art installations placed in each H.O.M.E. Community.

  • Interactive Lighting & projection installations throughout the landscape of each community.

  • Frequency & Light-based   Healing Art Installations

  • Blockchain - powered IOT & Data Management Systems to create mesh networks amongst the transformational art installations within each HOME community & throughout the network of communities.



H.O.M.E. Communities each feature a 

"Creator Village" to allow for limitless creative inspiration & co-creation within some of the most majestic & regenerative locations on Earth.

  • Fully Equipped Makers Labs (Youth & Adult)

  • H.O.M.E. "Creator-in-Residence" Programs & Accommodations 

  • Multimedia Studios
    (Film, Art, Music, AR & VR)


  • Rentable Themed Creator Rooms

  • Amphitheaters for Live Events, Concerts & Performances



H.O.M.E. Communities include Eco-Resorts & Spas which feature some of the most advanced wellness technologies & modalities in the world. We offer individual services & member packages to our residents, members and guests to experience the ultimate healthcare services from market-leading devices and advanced treatments, including: 

  • Massage & Bodywork

  • Vitamin IV's, NAD, Stem Cells & Exosome Treatments

  • Plasma Float Tanks

  • Ozone Therapy Services

  • Biophoton & Biofeedback

  • Radionic & Scalar Wave

  • Cryotherapy & Ice-Baths

  • PEMF Vibe & Crystal Bio-Beds

  • Cold-Laser Therapy

  • Color & Light Therapy

  • MedBeds & Biocharger Rooms


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Whole Body Cryotherapy.jpeg
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Luke Storey.jpeg

H.O.M.E. Communities feature

uniquely immersive farm-to-table food and beverage experiences:

  • Culinary Experiences to Tantalize All Your Senses

  • Cafes & Restaurants with Organic and Biodynamic Food, Tonics & Elixirs. 

  • Speciality Months & Events 
    Featuring Showcased Signature Guest Chefs.


immersive dining 2.jpeg
Immersive Dining 7.jpeg
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Immersive Dining 4.jpeg
Immersive Dining 6.jpeg
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H.O.M.E. ETHOS Foundation
Embody Regenerative Living;
Express Sovereignty & Thrive;
Empower Circular Economies Worldwide.
~ JP Heart 
(H.O.M.E. Founder & CEO)

H.O.M.E. Communities is a Regenerative Development Enterprise; We are a divison of HOME ENTERPRISES, a public benefit corporation headquartered in Texas, and work in partnership Heaven On Mother Earth Fund (H.O.M.E. Fund).


Tiers of H.O.M.E. Communities Development Ecosystem:

         1) H.O.M.E. Signatures Properties - Developed or Co-Developed
2) Joint Ventures with Existing Regenerative Developments

   3) Joint Ventures with Emergent Regenerative Developments

                4) Franchise/Consulting/Advisory -- FinTech, Admin, Governance & Economic Frameworks + Integrated Solutions for Developers & Landowners


Our team is comprised of real estate and technology developers, builders, attorneys, business architects, designers and marketers. We have a cumulative 80 years of experience in the development of sustainable real estate developments. We are available for design and development consultation and Joint-Ventures for regenerative projects anywhere on Earth.


Thank you for empowering the worldwide H.O.M.E. Movement of Regenerative Communities. We are launching a private membership association which offers "home-share" network within linked communities alongside private transportation, communication, edutainment and resource sharing opportunities. 





Trusted H.O.M.E. Partners:

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The H.O.M.E. Web Portal is designed to support you in thriving as an individual, as a family, as a community, a real estate investor, a landowner, an impact investor, and as a developer. It continue to evolve to offer the best market-leading resources, models, templates & relationships required to successfully develop regenerative communities at all scales of deployment.  It will also empower all stakeholders to lead a truly prosperous, regenerative and wellness-oriented lives with a quantificable increase in ROI, lifestyle and health while reducing risks and capital outlay. It will assist you in leaving a multi-generational legacy of truly regenerative health & wealth for your family, community and the Earth itself.

V2 of this H.O.M.E. Web Portal will be developed on a proprietary  Blockchain and partially governed by its community members through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The H.O.M.E. Foundation will manage this platform and will offer micro-financing and grant opportunities to H.O.M.E. projects in developing and distressed communities.

Contact Us to Explore a Partnership where we can serve you
and your community in achieving H.O.M.E.

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