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Evolved Homes

HOME utilizes the concept to "Raise" Up (Resilient, Affordable, Innovative, Sustainable, Efficient) in a complete sustainable development through a uniquely innovative building system, for commercial and housing solutions for efficient construction.

Projects developed through HOME are rated to be resisted to Category 5 hurricane, Category 3 tornado, hail, chloride (salt), mold, mildew, water, insect, fire, vermin, storm debris impact and 11.7 seismic on the Richter scale.


To "Raise" Up offers all of this with no off-gassing, a tenth of the carbon footprint with a positive energy production as compared to that of traditional construction methods. The system can be widely produced, mobilized and constructed in a fraction of the time, within traditional development budgets while meeting most any contemporary designs.


HOME integrates the latest breakthroughs in Clean Technologies, through partnerships with a multitude of eco-social companies, which provide the latest innovations in Green Construction.  

HOME can produce single-family residences, duplexes, multiplex dwellings and commercial buildings that are extremely efficient as both
off-grid and grid-tied solutions.


While appropriate for most building applications, HOME is focused on optimizing home design and sales for multi-unit developer, production builder, build-for-Rent, and government housing markets that are focused on fully sustainable developments.

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Spend your energy on living, not on costly energy for your home. SAVE MONEY on your energy bills and support the environment. HOME's Custom Green Homes comes exclusively with net zero ready super insulation (R44-R60) and an amazing air barrier system. Plus, all homes are built with solar support ready roof trusses and pre-wiring for the panels included. 


Example of a Net-Positive Home, designed by our co-founder David Oberle, as the perfect solution for an integrated green home solution affordable to anyone in the developed world.


Arise was one of the home designs created by David Oberle and Terry Horton through Horton World Solutions, a venture they co-founded together over a decade ago as leaders in the green modular building sector.

HOME designs and develops truly green homes at evert price point and based on the unique needs of each client. 



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