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  • H.O.M.E. Citizen

    Learn about H.O.M.E. & the Opportunities it offer you.
    Free Plan
    • H.O.M.E. Newsletter Access
    • H.O.M.E. Private Social Media Channels Access
    • H.O.M.E. Member Event Invitations
  • Most Popular

    H.O.M.E. Ambassador

    Every month
    Perfect Intro to HOME Communities Luxury Regenerative Living
     90 day free trial
    • Early Access to Home Purchase/Lease Opportunities
    • H.O.M.E. Events - Priority Access + 25% discount
    • Earn HOME Tokens (Affiliate Program)
    • H.O.M.E. Edutainment Series Access
    • H.O.M.E. Premium Community Group
  • H.O.M.E. Visionary

    Every month
    Up-leveled Sovereign Lifestyle Assistance
    • H.O.M.E. Newsletter
    • H.O.M.E. Edutainment Series Access
    • H.O.M.E. Events - VIP Access + 15% discount
    • H.O.M.E. Investments - Premium Access
    • H.O.M.E. Lot Leases & Purchases - Premium Access
    • Earn Higher Yield of HOME Tokens for Capital Introduced

Welcome to the HOME Community Network! Your chosen membership will automatically renew until cancelled. You are able to cancel or change plans at any time. As our network grows so too will your membership benefits.

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